Azzi 's Interview With Prof. Christians

Ethics of Being and the Media: From Rationality to Human Spirit

 Interview with Prof. Clifford C. Christians

by Prof. Abderrahmane Azzi


Q1: Professor Clifford Christians, welcome to the College of Communication, University of Sharjah.

Dr. Christians: I am very pleased to be here. 

Q2:  I wanted to ask you about your first impression about the College (College of Communication)  and the UoS (University of Sharjah) after you have given today (March 11, 2014) a comprehensive and enlightening conference on “Recent Trends in Global Media Ethics.”

Dr. Christians: The quality of the university and the seriousness with which education is taken  please  me enormously. And I know your work and of its quality but as I have met the faculty and the students, this exceptional set of buildings in university structure, it is gratifying to know that education means something important here. And I think about it, the Gulf Region is  the cradle of civilization and at least one can think of it that way and we often have in history, and so as I look at your curriculum, talked to you about the mission of your program and of the university as a whole, having positioned yourself as educators with the world mind in this strategic region of the universe, but always encompassing the globe, it is enormously gratifying. I don’t feel this is a parochial place, but  you are educating students in the best sense of citizens of the cosmos as we have discussed it earlier today.

Q2: You have been teaching media ethics for years and you have published so many books on the subject, can you summarize to us your experience in teaching media ethics in the academic environment?

To be published in Issue 7 of  the Journal of Contemporary Studies of Media and Values