JVZoo + Value Addon - New Membership Platform


JVZoo has partnered up with ValueAddon to bring a revolutionary new membership software platform to the internet marketing world, and beyond...

Introducing the JVZoo - Value Addon Membership Software Platform...

If you want, you can also check out these awesome ValueAddon review videos to show you what you're getting with this amazing membership site software...

This video shows how you can use Value Addon to create a membership site in under 60 seconds (only took around 30 seconds) and you’re free to send traffic our way to get your traffic PRIMED and ready to buy.

In the next video, I showcase how to easily create an online course inside Value Addon with in minutes.

You'll see how to:
– Upload video, audio, and other content
– Drag and drop content in any order
– Showcase our “user completion tracking” technology that tracks the students progress
– Drip content and publish content in the future and more…

The next video is a Game Changer! Within minutes, I showcase how to easily turn on the built-in shopping cart to create 3 different signup/payment options.

You'll see how to:
– Signup and use the pre-approved merchant account
– Activate the built-in shopping cart
– Create 2 different payment options
– Create a free signup option

In the next video I demo how to easily build a high converting Video Sales Page using the built-in Sales Page Creator...

You'll See How to:
– Use the built-in sales page creator
– Use a custom sales page funnel (Like LeadPages)
– Select a pricing option
– Publish and video completed sales page.

In the next video I show how the Paid FB Group tool works and I also show off our “Ask A Question” that allows admins to answer questions with an audio reply and create a collective Q and A searchable directory inside their members area.

These are some REALLY awesome feature that NOBODY else has…

Well there you have it...

This is the best new membership site software to hit the market, and I'm sure you can see the possibilities it can have for YOUR business.

If you haven't grabbed you copy yet, then be sure to get it now while you can still get the discount and bonuses!