Mrs. Savage's Syllabus and Class Policies

Savage Physics Syllabus 2019-20.pdf

Classroom Policies Addendum


  • I do not give grades, you earn them by working. My promise: Nobody who puts forth max effort will fail. "Max effort" means you have turned in all assignments, taken every opportunity to retest if needed, engaged in class, and come to tutorials when needed.
  • I do not give extra credit. At all. To anyone. For any reason. Please don’t ask.
  • I do not “make deals” on nine-weeks or UIL check grades, regardless of what extra-curricular activities you need to pass for. Please do not ask me to.
  • 1st semester contracts: If you fail the 1st semester, I MIGHT give you an opportunity to still earn credit for the course by earning a 2nd semester grade that is high enough to average at least 70 with the first semester grade. I will then go back and change the 1st semester grade to 70 so you pass.
      • Example: If you make a 68 the 1st semester, you would need a 72 for the 2nd semester for me to change the first semester grade.
      • You MUST earn your 2nd semester target score for this to work. In the previous example, if you earned only a 71 for the 2nd semester, I would not change the 1st semester grade – it would remain in a failing state, causing you to have to repeat, but you would still pass 2nd semester with a 71.
      • This is only for first semester failures. I will not average your semesters if you fail the second semester.
      • The decision to offer a contract is solely mine. If your first semester performance was extremely poor, I will not offer you a contract. In this case, it's actually more appropriate for you to take the first semester again.


  • You may turn in any independent work (homework or test reviews) late without penalty until we have taken the test (or retest, if applicable) that covers the material on the assignment. After that, the zero remains.
      • Keep in mind homework is zero weighted, so this won’t affect your grade, but it will still show up in HAC.
  • You MUST show your work on ALL independent work (homework and test reviews) to receive credit.

Cell Phones

  • All accessible electrical outlets in my room will either be turned off or covered; you may not charge your phone in my room.
      • BTW, I found a great, free way to extend the life of your phone battery. Ask me about it.