EC Question papers


Previous years sample question papers of various universities

These papers are provided here to help you know how the questions are usually asked. There might be a few questions beyond the scope of your syllabus, ignore them.

Question Paper 1


Full Marks – 70
Time: 3 Hours

Answer Question No. 1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.

The figures in the right-hand margin indicate marks.
1) Answer the following questions: [Marks 2 x 10]
a) What are the various components of electronic commerce applications?
b) What is the importance of JIT delivery in B2B E-commerce?
c) What are the characteristics of internet-based EDI?
d) What are the classifications of E-commerce field by the nature of the transactions?
e) Why do the companies usually choose to implement SAP?
f) What is the need of collaborative computing?
g) What are the three different types of transitions and mobility within a wireless network?
h) What do you mean by Supply Chain Execution Framework?
i) What are the major methods used for advertisement?
j) What do you mean by Data Encryption Standard?

a) What are the key technologies for B2B E-commerce? Explain architectural models of B2B E-commerce. [Marks 5]
b) Describe the functional requirements for online selling and what specialized services and servers perform these functions. [Marks 5]

a) Who are the stakeholders in E-Commerce information system? Explain the benefits and limitations of E-commerce. [Marks 5]
b) Explain the concept of “Business Content” in SAP Business Information Warehouse. [Marks 5]
c) The public is highly concerned with the safety of e-payment. What are the specific measures put forward in the Guidance in this respect? [Marks 5]
d) Discuss the security requirements of Internet and E-commerce applications and how these requirements are fulfilled by various hardware and software systems. [Marks 5]

a) What is EDI? Discuss its layered structure. [Marks 5]
b) What is e-payment? Why is orientation and standardization required for e-payment businesses? [Marks 5]

a) What is E-shopping? What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-shopping? [Marks 5]
b) Explain the concept of business process reengineering and its relationship with the productivity paradox and ERP. [Marks 5]
c) What are the security issues of E-commerce? [Marks 5]
d) Once a company has acquired customer, the key to maximizing revenue is keeping them. Explain how e-commerce is helpful in customer retention? [Marks 5]

6) Write notes on following: [Marks 2.5 x 4]
a) Content Marketing
b) Collaborative Computing
c) Digital Certificate
d) E-Logistic


Question paper 2


  1. What do you understand by WWW? What is the use of hypertext links in Internet access
  2. Name some popular Internet Browsers.                                                             
  3. Discuss the E-commerce Architecture and its components in detail with the help of a  diagram.  
  4. What do you understand by Electronic Funds Transfer?                                    
  5. What is the function of an IP Packet screening Router? Explain with the help of a diagram.
  6. What are the desirable characteristics of an Electronic Market Place?  
  7. Discuss password schemes and Biometric systems for implementing client server network security. 
  8. Discuss various threats posed by servers in a client server environment.          
  9. Explain the Architectural framework for electronic commerce.  
  10. What are the risks involved in Electronic Payment Systems?   
  11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Smart Card?   
  12. What are the four types of consumer oriented applications of E-commerce? Discuss them briefly.  

     PART 2

  1. How do we achieve workflow automation in e-business environment?               
  2. What is Supply Chain Management? Why is it important in e-business environment?                       
  3. Compare Hypertext versus hypermedia.                                                          
  4. Explain the components of Information Super Highway Infrastructure.
  5. Give some examples of malicious data. 
  6. What are the advantages of using XML over HTML?   
  7. What are the essential components of a 3-tier client server? 
  8. What is the difference between intranet and extranet?      
  9. What are the different layers of TCP/IP protocol stack? Discuss their function briefly.
  10. Write short notes on any TWO topics. 

(i)                  Biometric Systems.

(ii)                SMTP and FTP.

(iii)               E-brokerage.

(iv)              Digital Signatures.




Question paper 3



  1. a) Discuss the ECommerce architecture and its components in detail with the help of a diagram
  2. b) Discuss how E-Commerce is helpful to business success.
  3. or
  4. a)Compare and contrast the traditional business with electronic commerce in a book shop business.
  5. b) With the help of any example web site  explain the perspectives of the buyers and sellers in a B2B Ecommerce web site.
  6. UNIT-II
  7. a) Discuss the security requirements of Internet and EC application and how these requirements are fulfilled by various hardware and software systems.
  8. b) What is e-payment? Discuss the functions of E-payment system? Why is orientation and standardization required for e-payment business.
  9. Or
  10. a) Explain the different steps involved in the development of an e-commerce web site.
  11. b) Discuss the various threats involved in client server communications and how are they encountered in EC business.
  12. UNIT-III
  13. a) Discuss the different online marketing strategies in EC.
  14. b) Discuss in detail the architecture and technological components of “education on demand”
  15. or
  16. Write notes on ethical, social and political issues in EC.
  17. UNIT-IV
  18. a) What is supply chain management? Discuss how it is advantageous to EC
  19. b) Write in brief about collaborative commerce.
  21. Or
  22. a) Write about retail business using EC.
  23. b) discuss the case study in online service industry perspective.
  25. UNIT-V
  26. 9) a) Write about the technologies required for EC Implementation.
  27. b) write about how search engine is useful in EC
  28. Or
  29. Write notes on
  30. i) SET
  31. ii) Internet service providers





Question paper 4

  1. a) Discuss the infrastructures required for EC.

    .b) Explain how EC facilitataes customization of products and services.


a)  List the advantages and disadvanatages of EC.

b) Explain different types of EC with respect to customers and vendors


2. a) Discuss the life cycle  for developing an EC web site.

b) Explain education web enabled service with respect to time saving, efforts of the user, convenience and quality factors.


3. a) Discuss in detail about the security issues for which electronic cash is transferred over internet  with an example.

b) What is an EDI? Explain how business transaction can take place in an EDI.

4. Write about different advertising


 5. Write about social and political issues in EC


6. Explain the role of EC in

i) supply chain management

ii) Retailing


7. a) Write in detail about how tourism industry can gain advantage in its economics using EC.

b) Discuss the advantages of implementing EC in .


8. a) Explain how SSL helps an EC system to be secure

b) Explain how SET protocol helps transactions in EC


9. a) Discuss in detail about Internet Service provider’s role in EC.

b) Write about how search engines are helpful to EC.



Question paper 5



Time 3 hours                                                                                        Max Marks :70


All questions carry equal marks

Answer Q No 1 compulsorily (1X14)

Answer one question from each unit.



1.   a) What is an electronic market?

      b) What is EFT?

      c) What is EDI?

      d) What are the goals of market research?

      e) What is intranet?

      f) What is disintermediation?

      g) List any two applications of B2B EC.

      h) What is JIT?

      i) What is IT ACT 2000?

      j) What is competitive intelligence in EC?

      k) What is a digital certificate?

      l) What do you mean by comparison advertisement?

      m) What are ad-clicks? What is their use?

      n) What is a search engine? How does it promote EC?




            2.         a) Write about the advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce.

            b) Explain the framework and components of E-Commerce architecture.


3.                  a) Explain Secure Electronic Transaction protocol with a labeled diagram.

b) How are security services implemented through SET? Discuss.


4.                  a) Briefly explain the various electronic payment systems.

b) What are the security requirements for using online e-cash services?


5.                  a) Explain intrusion mechanisms and intrusion detection techniques.

b) What is the functionality of antivirus programs? How are viruses detected and fixed?


6.                  How is e-mail useful for E-Commerce? Is it secure to transact through e-mail? Explain.



7.                  What is MIME? When is it used? Explain how security is implemented in MIME.



8.                  a) Write about the internet technologies essential and relevant to E-Commerce.

b) What is a web server? What is the data held in web server in the context of EC?


9.                  a) Write about Internet advertisement categories in the E-commerce scenario.

b) How is revenue generated through advertisements in EC.





Question Paper 6


Unit -I

1.                  a) Discuss the E-Commerce architecture and its components with a block diagram.

b) How does E-Commerce differ from traditional E-Commerce



2.                  a) Discuss the benefits and limitations of E-Commerce

b) Explain the different business models of E-Commerce with respect to customers and vendors.


3.                  Write in short about

a)      Smart cards

b)      Digital or Electronic cash

c)      Features of an e-payment system

d)      SSL


4.                  a) Explain the security measures to be considered for any B2B E-Commerce system.

b) Discuss why is standardization required for EC payment systems?


5.                  Write about ethical, social and political issues in E-Commerce.


6.                  a) How does Internet based advertising capable of competing with commercial advertising?

b) Discuss any two passive and active advertising methods.



7.         Explain the role and support of E-Commerce in the following applications

(i) Real estate business
(ii) Insurance sector
(iii) Jobs and employment sites

 (v) Travel


8.                  Explain briefly the role of E-Commerce in the  Supply Chain Management



9.                  a) Once a company has acquired customer, the key to maximizing revenue is keeping them. Explain how e-commerce is helpful in customer retention?

b) Discuss different web technologies used for EC.


10.                          a) Discuss about how search engines can be used to reach the customers.

b) What is multimedia? Discuss multimedia applications for E-business.


Question paper 7

Unit -I

            1.         a) What are the different E-Commerce business models?

b) Write about various Internet tools required for successful E-Commerce


            2.         a) Write about the architecture of E-Commerce.

            b) Discuss the benefits and limitations of E-Commerce



3.                  a) What are Internet Security Services? Explain each one of them with an example.

b) Write about the security service that are to be offered in E-Payment systems. Discuss any one E-Payment system in detail.



4.         a) Explain different steps for developing an E-Commerce web site.

            b) What is an EDI? List its benefits and limitations




            5.         a) Discuss atleast two e-marketing strategies in detail.

b) Write about the major methods of Internet advertisement and discuss how product comparison process can be used as an opportunity of advertisement.



6.                  Write about ethical , social and political issues in implementing E-Commerce



7.                  a) Explain how SCM can be used to renovate the businesses using E-Commerce.

b) Discuss about the  push based supply chain and pull based supply chain.


8.                  a) What do you mean by collaborative E-Commerce? Discuss its advantages.

b) Discuss the procedures for Collaborative E-Commerce.


9.                  a) Discuss about the web servers and their role in E-Commerce.

b) What do you mean by media convergence. Discuss the impact of media convergence on the society in general


10.              a) Write about the Search engine functions and uses.

                    b) Discuss about Internet applications for E-Commerce.