Eclipse wrapper

I've been toying with the idea of using FCKEditor as a WYSIWYG html editor within eclipse.  I haven't gotten too far, but feel free to download the source and check out what's going on.  This is a plugin project, so you'll have to launch the eclipse runtime and then navigate to Window > Show View and then select "denBroDemo".  You'll see a editor window called "WebDemo" with two tabs, "Pawns" and "Editor".  Click on "Editor" to see the FCK - Eclipse interaction.  

Type text in the FCK instance and see it pop up in the eclipse SWT.MULTI, and vice versa.  Still buggy as heck, but the concept is there.  If you create something with this code please let me know and I'll post it here.  Any improvements are of course welcome and hoped for.

EditorTab.java is the meat and potatoes of this whole deal.  The rest is mostly fluff and a peek into the madness that is how I figured out how to get this far.  You will need to change the URL around line 133 of EditorTab.java to reflect the path to the .html file containing the FCK instance on your system.  
The FCK instance is using a onkeydown plugin to communicate with eclipse (setting the document window's "status" variable to the FCKEditor content).  There is an example of using SWT html parsing to parse html as plain text, which is where I kind of left off, but it may come in handy...

These files are not commented at all, and in terrible shape, but here they are, in the hope that they contain some kind of useful information.  Here is a link to the zipped plugin source