Whispering Pines

285 Long Lake Road, Perth, Ontario

Whispering Pines is a 21-Acre Wilderness camp located near Perth, Ontario with:
  • 13 permanent campsites
  • a small beach with direct access to Otty Lake
  • KYBOs adjacent to most of the camp sites
  • a well with ample water production, with water that MUST be treated / filtered before using
  • a good-sized open area for games
  • 3 hiking trails
  • a good-sized amphitheater Council campfire area 
  • a peaceful spot under the pine trees for quiet reflection or as an ideal place for a Scouts own

Storage Trailer
Whispering Pines has an unlocked storage trailer for some supplies (first aid, KYBOs, maps, program ideas, etc.). The camp committee is gradually cleaning and reorganizing this trailer. Please do not abuse the contents of this trailer.

Spars and Firewood
There are ample deadfalls at Whispering Pines to build fires from. Some sites still have spars that groups have brought in for their own purposes, but the bulk of the spars in WP were put back into the spar storage structure in spring 2018 by the camp committee. Spars deemed by the camp committee to be in poor shape will be cut up into firewood to prevent their being used to build unsafe structures.

Camp Fees

Fees are charged to groups outside of Valley Highlands. This revenue is used to maintain and improve the camp. Fees are subject to change (the latest change is effective September 1st, 2017 for all bookings).

Single Campsite:
One Day:....$15.00
Full Week:..$190.00
Entire Camp:
One Day:....contact camp warden
Overnight:..contact camp warden
Weekend:...contact camp warden
Full Week:..contact camp warden

Invoicing and Pre-payment
All non-VH groups must pay the site rental fee and $50 damage deposit in advance of each group arriving to make use of their booked site(s). The issuance of invoices is effective January 1, 2019.

Bookings for Whispering Pines
All bookings for Whispering Pines appear on the calendar on this website. This includes the sites booked by each group. Spreading out your group to multiple sites is not permitted, unless you have booked additional sites (hopefully adjacent ones). There are weekends when multiple groups are at Whispering Pines, and the space used by each group must be respected.

Sites and Tents
Not all of the campsites at Whispering Pines have the same space available for tenting (let alone level ground!).
Based on a camp committee walk-around, the following are estimates based on using 4-man tents.

Camp Rules
As with all Scout Camps and Scout Reserves, Whispering Pines has rules. Anyone booking Whispering Pines will be reminded of these, and individuals responsible for an attending group must sign off on reading them and educating their group on them. Click on 
for the current rules.

Other important camp documents:
Click on  WP Emergency Procedures Sept-19-2017.pdf for the emergency procedures.
or the environmental policy.
or the fire response and prevention plan. 
or the forest fire prevention measures. 

Damage Deposit Fee and Tidy Sites
Please note that all groups from outside Valley Highlands must pay an additional $50 damage deposit fee. This deposit is refundable upon a successful post-camp inspection by the camp committee. Not cleaning up your assigned site(s), including leaving wood and spars around, makes work for the camp committee to clean up and restore the site and is considered damage resulting in forfeiture of the damage deposit.

Whispering Pines operates on a Leave No Trace basis. VH groups with assigned sites are expected to keep their sites orderly.

Payment for using the camp must be made by cheque to "Scouts Canada - Valley Highlands" and sent to:
Michelle Niefer
113 Hillcrest Drive, RR3
Almonte, Ontario
K0A 1A0

Program Opportunities

  1. Start at the Camp and paddle down Otty Lake to Jebbs creek
  2. portage a couple of beaver dams and then on to the Tay River system
  3. transition to Christie Lake or the Rideau System

there are three hiking trails (White, Grey, Red) 
the Rideau Trail system runs past the camp gate
there are adjacent Rideau Valley Conservation mica mines

Combining this with the trails on the camp property, and 
the adjacent Rideau Valley Conservation mica mines, provides groups with an excellent chance to test their hiking skills.

Information and booking
Camp Warden

Note: As of spring 2017, Whispering Pines has an active Camp Committee that has already been involved with spring cleanup and has a multi-year plan to improve all aspects of the camp.

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