About & Program Registration


We currently run programs for beaver, cub, and scout aged youth. To learn more about an individual program, click on the section links to the left. All of our meetings are held at Your Location.

Beaver Scouts - Ages 5 to 7            
Cub Scouts     - Ages 8 to 10           
Scouts           - Ages 11 to 14 (16)   

We are accepting registrations for youth in our Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts sections.

To register, please go to the page for forms you can download or fill out and print.

These can be emailed to......

For more information, please call Your Commissioner or Contact at Your Number.

For more information on Scouting in general visit the ....

REGISTRATION FEES                                                                             

How much does Scouting cost? As little as possible, but nothing worthwhile is free. Registration fees must be paid annually. 

The registration fee is distributed between the group, and local, provincial and national councils of Scouts Canada. This fee enables the various levels to develop program resources, provide training and support for the leaders, and provides insurance coverage for all registered members.

FEES for OUTINGS / ACTIVITIES                                                            

From time to time, we will go on outings and visits. We try to schedule at least one outing per month. Some of these activities may also require additional fees. We’ll advise parents of these opportunities well in advance through notices and/or monthly calendars or newsletters.