Come Run with the Valley Fever Spores!
@ PF Chang’s AZ Rock-n-Roll Marathon - January 15, 2012
The Valley Fever Spores Charity Running Team was formed to help germinate awareness of the epidemic fungal disease known as “Valley Fever” which is caused by the fungus, Coccidioidomycosis.  Funds raised will help support University of Arizona’s Valley Fever Center for Excellence, which is dedicated to improving diagnosis, treatment, potential future treatment and vaccine for the disease.  The need for additional help is urgent as:
  • Valley Fever is the 3rd most reported infectious disease in Arizona.
  • Valley Fever is a common cause of fungal pneumonia, frequently presenting as “Community Acquired Pneumonia.”
  • Valley Fever can cause serious illness in people, as well as pets.
  • A 2007 study of hospital charges by the Arizona Department of Health with a diagnosis of Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis) showed that in 1,735 admissions, the average hospital stay cost $50,000 and a total hospital cost of approximately $86 million.
To Register email or 520-626-6517 and a representative will contact you.
Information regarding organizational meeting and training will be available soon.