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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea
DOB 03/07/16

We think her name says it all.  Sweet she is.  
She is on the small side of the normal spectrum for a female and her heart is on the big side of normal.
She has a solid coat and is medium dark in color.
Her temperament is mild and calm (for a Vizsla) unless it's time to run and play, then she
really likes to get revved up.  She has a high retrieve instinct and is in heaven when it's time to play fetch.
We've had her hips scanned and she more than passed with flying colors.

These were taken shortly after she whelped her first litter of pups.  
We probably should have taken better photos before that.  
However, the pups came very late winter/early spring and the conditions weren't great for getting some decent fun shots.