DOB: 04/14/2012

Pedigree and OFA Hip Certification

Meadow is a wonderful girl!

Her calm temperament and obedient disposition has really won our hearts.

She is ever so sweet and mild in her personality.

She has a beautiful deep rust coat, and a petite sized frame.

She loves to pull her ears back and listen for birds.

Her small frame doesn't hold her back any!

"Bullet" is our nickname for her. She can really fly in the open spaces.

We are glad she doesn't range far when we are out with her:)

She is our best on recall. She's a great example of a "velcro" Vizsla.

Her coat has a very consistent color and overall tone.

She also has champions in her bloodline.

And just look at these melt your heart pictures of her as a pup!

Honestly, could it get any cuter?!!!

Meadow has a personality that can't be beat, she is golden!

We love our Missy Meadow!!!