Team Valle Inc.
Team Valle Inc. is a NY non-for-profit corporation based out of Rochester, New York. Our goals are to provide high level sports opportunities for youth at a lower cost. Also, to use these sports to help instill good work ethic, integrity, character, and to build leadership skills that will help these young men and women be a positive impact on their community.


    "In today's sports, elite travel teams have become one of the primary ways a young athlete can get the best instruction, play top competition, and gain exposure (for college or beyond). Because of this reality, many people have made running a sports travel organization into a profitable business. The problem is that when the main focus is turning a profit, the determining factor when looking at players is no longer how talented, how well they do in school, or even what type of personal character the player has, but it becomes dependent on how much money the players parents make. Team Valle puts the focus back on the players. Giving them the best instruction, playing the best competition, coaches that invest time into getting to know each player individually, and holding them accountable and helping with decisions inside and outside of baseball. Unfortunately, there are still costs that go into running a team. But our goal, with the help of sponsors, is that we can lower the cost to the families a little bit every year and never have to turn a player down due to his/her families financial situation. Please consider joining us in making this goal a reality!"

Dave Valle
President of Team Valle Inc.

Team Valle Baseball 15u wins the first tournament of the year!

After 4 games, 28 innings, and only 1 earned run, Team Valle Baseball's 15u team captured their first title of the season. The final game was played under the lights at Dunn Field in Elmira, NY, against the tournament host, Jr. Pioneers. The Pioneers, jumped ahead 1-0 in the top of the first only to be answered by Team Valle with a run in the bottom of the inning when Omar Rosa cracked a RBI double to the wall to score DJ Berry. Team Valle would add another run in the bottom of the third off of a Kenny Cruz single, and that is all starting pitcher Tanner Cooper needed. He went 7 innings, 1 strike out, 1 walk, and 1 earned run. It was an unbelievable way to start the season proving that pitching and defense really does win championships!

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