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With the pervasive use of software systems in modern society and people’s reliance on them in daily life, work, and societal functions, we need to make sure that these systems meet people’s expectations for quality and reliability. This is the general subject of Software Quality Engineering, which is organized into three major topics:

  • Software testing as a primary means to ensure software quality;
  • Other alternatives for quality assurance (QA), including defect prevention, process improvement, inspection, formal verification, fault tolerance, safety assurance, and damage control;
  • Measurement and analysis to close the feedback loop for quality assessment and quantifiable improvement.

Jeff Tian, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Southern Methodist University Dallas, 7X

FULL NAME : Mohammad Valizadeh


Education : PHD Candidate, Software Engineering

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  • Total experience in software engineering: 15 years
  • Total experience in software quality and test engineering: 12 years
  • Total experience in software development: 3 years
  • I can find critical functional, performance, and security bugs of a software system.
  • I'm able to improve the performance and security of a software system.
  • I can apply customized software testings standards and methodologies for a software project.
  • I'm able to launch appropriate software testing tools for automating testing activities of a software project.
  • Improving quality of software systems via systematic test engineering.
  • Improving performance of software systems via systematic performance engineering.
  • Improving security of software systems via systematic security engineering.
  • Researching in computer science and software testing area.