iMovie HD

The iMovie unit is going to consist of a series of steps.  First you will watch the screen casts to get an overview of the program, next you are going to do small activity during each class and then do one larger movie commercial project.  Be prepared to spend only about 2-3 weeks total for your movie project, this is not much time! Please be focused in your approach, all of your projects will be reviewed at the end of each period

Lesson 1- Adding Clips & Music
The first screencast introduces iMovie HD (the Older version) to you. At the end of the lesson you are expected to:
Click here to go to the screencast. Make sure you have your head phones in first.

1. Have 5 picture clips changing the "Ken Burns" effect, alternating from zooming in and out on each one.
2. Go to the media button and select Audio and put down a soundtrack to your video.

Lesson 2- Adding Transitions and Video Effects
Adding Transitons and trimming the time off your video clips. I did this backwards in the video,  you should trim the time on your clips first to be about 5 seconds each. Then go ahead and add FX, last add Transitions.  

1. Use the slide bar to measure out about 5 seconds and press (apple or Command)+T to "cut your clips". Select the extra piece
of the clip and press the BIG delete key. 
2. Go to Editing and Video FX, apply an FX to each one of your clips.
2. Go to Editing and Transitions, select your transitions and drag them between the clips.

Lesson 3- Recording Video clips
Adding a video clip, adding video effects by cutting your recorded video and adding an effect to each segment. You can also add the same video effects to the picture clips that you created:

1. Use the edit/camera switch to select the camera, choose the record with isight and  to make about a 20 second recording of 
2. Use Apple (command)+T to create a few cuts in your video track.
3. Apply a video effect to each one of your new cuts.

Lesson 4- Adding Audio effects
This one is pretty simple. All you have to do is now either record another video clip or use the one you were already editing.

Use the Edit Menu button to go to audio effects and change the audio in your clip. If you want to try multiple effects then you need to make a few cuts to separate your clip.

Lesson 5- More Audio Tricks and Title Effects
This demonstration will show you how to fade in and out audio, I will use the project I created for the Google Academy and mess around with my audio for you.  Notice that you can also add audio to your "picture" clips by using the microphone, which is found in Editing and then audio.

Title effects are a cool way to set up your movie or to add details. You can see in my "Motivation and Learning" Google Video that I had several titles that were put in strategic spots for my viewers.

1. Add some audio to the picture clips that you used in the beginning of the iMovie unit.
2. Adjust your soundtrack to allow your voice to be heard.
3. Add an introductory Title slide and a closing Title slide. You can decide what effects you want them to have.