Valeriu Luta

This web page is dedicated to the tireless enthusiast in promotion of cymbalom in different areas of music - Valeriu Luta. As professor in musical gymnasium "Ciprian Porumbescu" from Chisinau, beside education of young scholars that have become later virtuoses of instrument (Marcel Comendant, Sandu Sura, Anatol Cazanoi), he achieved to organize important musical events, to publish a cycle of "Books for cymbalom" and many others remarcable activities. The most important of them will be described after a short introduction about the history of cymbalom in Basarabia.

With apparition in Moldova of traditional music professional orchestras as "Fluieras", "Folclor", "Mugurel" it was necessary to introduce there cymbalom as basic accompaniment instrument. In this direction payed their contribution composers like Valentin Vilinciuc, Isidor Burdin and others, who understood the importance of this instrument. Naturally appeared the demand to produce cymbaloms and other traditional instruments as well for professional and amateur orchestras. This was managed by Jan Vizitiu - person of rare kindness and humbleness, who organized a factory of traditional instruments. This way, beginning with 60-70's of XX century, cymbalom has become a part of most of traditional orchestras. The same time the first solo players appeared - Victor Copacinschi, Mihai Cangas in "Fluieras", Vasile Craciun, Vladimir Sirbu, Sergiu Cretu in "Folclor". They was the musicians who made the first records by Moldavian Radio and Television. Then came Petrea Dabija, Anatol Golomoz, Gheorghe Sevcisin, Grigore Severin, Ion Surguci, Andrei Mustea, Valeriu Cascaval and many others who all together and each one with his own talent of accompaniment or solo player created a tradition of cymbalom in Basarabia. This tradition was always deep tied to the music of great virtuoses from Romania and here we can say without doubt that Toni Iordache was the "spiritual father" of Basarabian instrumentalists. The 4 volumes of Toni Iordache has become across the time a real school of how to play for students and scholars and his name is until now a legend. But most of recognized musicians have their own style and their works are interesting exactly because of originality and authenticity. Sergiu Cretu could be mentioned as the most prodigious soloist with over 40 records after 30 years of professional career. Vladimir Sirbu and Victor Copacinschi are the first players who included in their repertoire classical music, the music which was from the very beginning the base in studying cymbalom in Conservatoire and other musical schools. In our days there is almost no musical genre where doesn't exists cymbalom records, what made this instrument to be known outside from Eastern Europe.

Coming back to Valeriu Luta, some words about his biography. He is born in Chisinau, in 1966. Start to study the cymbalom in the evening school by professor Nichita Comendant. Then is following the college "Stefan Neaga" and Conservatoire, the class of Vasile Craciun. After finished the studies he concentrates on education domain and has become professor in the gymnasium "Ciprian Porumbescu". His activity in promotion of cymbalom by creating new transcriptions, publishing books for education, organizing and participating with his scholars in different international festivals and competitions - all this things are incontestably his merits and in fact Valeriu Luta payed his contribution like nobody else to recognition of Chisinau cymbalom school as one of the most serious and great in the world. Further I will enumerate some of his most important achievements in chronological order:

1997 Book for cymbalom (1) - Toni Iordache.
Includes the first volume of Toni Iordache
Pages from book
1997 Organization of the concert "Toni Iordache - in memoriam" in the hall of Chisinau Philharmonic Sequence with Sandu Sura
The end piece of the concert
1999 Book for cymbalom (2) - Recital
Classical music.
Pages from book
1999 Organization of the V-th world congress of cymbalists Fragment from the final session in the hall of "Ciprian Porumbescu" gymnasium
The gala concert of Moldavian cymbalists accompanied by orchestra "Lautarii":
Sequence with Sandu Parfeni
Sequence with Vasilica Bogdan
Sequence with Sergiu Cretu
2004 Book for cymbalom (3) - Reflections
Works of Moldavian composers
Pages from book
2004 Double CD "Reflection" with Marcel Comendant
Works of Moldavian composers
"Reflection" (fragment)
2006 Book for cymbalom (4) - Fantasy
Sergiu Cretu
Pages from book
2007 Double CD "Nici odat-asa dor mult..." with Sergiu Cretu