Who Is Valerio Arduino Gentile?

It is not from photographs I take my images. Trickling downward, through the fissures of my mind, they reveal themselves to me in the half-light before I wake. Filtered thus, an apt title for them might beDiscovered disconsolate in a space bereft of earth and sky. Inert, almost perspectiveless, they obey the cold logic of the Byzantine age. And yet do they not also recall the doctrine of Animism? Perhaps it is their having been crudely embellished. No matter. When they come, I hurry to sketch them, lest one should escape and I should never come to comprehend these symbols—these ancient colours!—that have made me impermeable to all other dreams.
Valerio Arduino Gentile

Curriculum Vitae 



ADDRESS: 29 Corn Street Bristol . BS1 1HT,  U.K.  


WEBSITE: www.valeriogentile.net 

MOBILE : +44(0)7870698791 

E-MAIL:  valerio@valeriogentile.net 


I am originally from Naples Italy and now currently living and working as a practicing artist in Bristol having previously exhibited, worked and trained throughout Italy Spain and Germany 

The majority of my work is informed by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, from whom I take inspiration and technique. 
I also enjoy working in a more contemporary style, as can be seen from my recent exhibition and community projects in Bristol 


• 1998/2003

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Italy : Master of Painting, 5 year full time course 

• 1994/1998

Art Institute 'F. Palizzi', Italy : Diploma, 5 years full time course 

• 1993/1996

Arts Secondary State School of Naples Italy : Diploma ,5 years part time course  


At present:  2006-2007


 • Receiving funding from Bristol Neighborhood Renewal to teach the techniques of 'Art of Renaissance in and around Bristol .

•Teaching art at the Malcolm X Community Centre, Bristol , I designed a triangular art course.

•Design and execution of a mural in collaboration with the staff at St. Paul 's Learning Centre 

• Panel member of jury to help choose a project to create a landmark feature for St. Agnes Bristol.

This included interviewing artists, appointing an artist, planning approval and community involvement.

This was funded by the Arts Council of Great Britain.  


• Designed a set using a my original drawings of size m 3 x 3.5 for a movie from 'Undo productions' UK company 

• Put together and led a community art project in St. Agnes Adventure Playground and park

Bristol City Council's "Big Time" program. 

• Worked for The Prince's Trust teaching art to community groups at "Black Orchid Studio" 

• Exhibited art work at the "Spy-glass gallery" Bristol 

• 18.02.2006 Interview for BBC Radio Bristol ,England about the forthcoming exhibition. 

• 18.02.2006 Article in the "Evening Post", Bristol about the forthcoming exhibition  


• 2005 Exhibition in the Trixom Gallery, Leipzig   


• 2004 Exhibition the Gallery '5 Monos' Via de Consel de Centre, Barcelona  



• Teaching post in Drawing and Jewellery projects at the Institute of Objective Study Naples   


• Restoration of a Fresco dating 1800 (36 m²) in a noble residence in Molina di Quosa. Pisa region  

• Portrait painting for the Miss Italia contest. Andalo 

• Restoration of a 40 m² Trompe d'oeil, the Overseas exhibition. Napoli  

• Modelling of terracotta miniatures Art  workshop, Florence   


• Commission: Project of rich objects and jewellery made from semi-precious stones under the LITHOS workshop institution. 

• Work on Italian pieces dating from 1600 and 1700 . Atelier d'arte of Eliana Franceschi, Lucca  

• Interior and exterior of pictorial decoration (landscape, figure and animal) the Antonio De Curtis di Pozzuoli social centre 

• Mural landscape decoration (peripheric) the prison Circondariale Minorile di Nitida House 

• Commission for picture of the Madonna and the Last Supper for the chapel of the Circondariale

Minorile di Nitida House 

• Teaching post in Drawing and Painting 'Antonio De Curtis' centre in Pozzuoli  

• Interior decoration and consultancy work. Intervention for the recovery and restoration of frescoes and campaigning on behalf of private galleries and art workshops, Naples   


• Commended Diploma for participation in the Vomero Monuments' project  


• Set design project and realisation .Theatre of the Circondariale Minorile di Nisida House 

• Exhibition of work The 'Punto Nave' Space, Naples   


• Exhibition of work in collective show .'Intramoenia' Piazza Bellini, Naples  

• Mural painting of 200 m² for the Overseas Exhibition of Naples  


Available upon reque