Painting of Valerio Arduino Gentile


A practicing Italian artist graduate from The Royal Academy of Fine Art, Italy.        
Performing and training throughout Italy, Spain, Belgium, Finland and all over Europe.

"It is not from photographs I take my images. Trickling downward, through the fissures of my mind, they reveal themselves to me in the half-light before I wake. Filtered thus, an apt title for them might be discovered disconsolate in a space bereft of earth and sky. Inert, almost perspectiveless, they obey the cold logic of the Byzantine age. And yet do they not also recall the doctrine of Animism? Perhaps it is their having been crudely embellished. No matter. When they come, I hurry to sketch them, lest one should escape and I should never come to comprehend these symbols—these ancient colours!—that have made me impermeable to all other dreams."

Valerio Arduino Gentile


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The artist at work
The Artist at work


  • 13/03/2012 - Ghent (Belgium) - Occhi di ragazza - Art exhibition of "Valerio Arduino Gentile" Tuesday 13 March 2012 - Ghent (Belgium)Inspired from his last trip in Egypt, Italian Artist Maestro Valerio Arduino Gentile is making a project with eyes...www.valeriogentile.nethttp ...
    Posted Apr 23, 2012, 8:29 AM by Luca Gentile
  • Valerio Gentile is the "Neapolitan Picasso" - lunafree.com On the site lunafree.com they have left a comment about Valerio where they call him "The neapolitan Picasso", just have a look here:http://www.lunafree.com/2009/09 ...
    Posted Jun 21, 2010, 6:40 AM by Luca Gentile
  • Exhibition in Antwerp - Belgium There has been an exhibition in Antwerp (Belgium), here the pictures:
    Posted Jun 22, 2010, 12:28 PM by Luca Gentile
  • Exhibitions in England Several exhibitions in England have been made, soon the pictures in this post
    Posted Jun 21, 2010, 7:00 AM by Valerio Arduino Gentile
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