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8/14/2014: Happy Shark Week Clawmasters!

7/4/2014: Happy Independence Day!

6/13/2014: Redesign of SEGA website
Sad news for all Clawmasters who enjoyed playing the free virtual claw game on SEGA's website, 
they redesigned their website this month and it looks like they no longer have that game on their site 
so there will be no more new virtual prizes each month. 

2/28/2014: "Play-Arcade" App is Designed for Little Clawmasters
The CHILD APP series was developed for kids ages 2 - 6.
"PLAY - ARCADE" and it has mini games including "Crane Game". 
If you set it to easy mode they say your child will be able to grab a prize easily. 
iPhone Screenshot 1

2/20/2014: Update for Toy Story Lego: The Claw Online Game
This awesome Lego game is no longer available on the Disney website but it can be found at this link from dan-dare.org. 
This free online claw game has great graphics and music from the Toy Story movie and multiple playing levels for challenging fun!

2/16/2014: Featured Claw Game: TOY GRABBER
Added to this collection July 2012
Screenshot of me playing TOY GRABBER

10/23/2013: Matt locked his car keys inside his claw machine and has to play  so he can get his keys back!

YouTube Video

10/1/2013: Free app from PointZero: Claw Crane Cats
We've heard about cats who climb inside claw machine irl!

YouTube Video: Claw Crane Cats

10/1/2013: And Sega's new virtual prize for this month is... COLOSSAL TITAN 

Play this game free now at http://segaprize.com/amuse/ufo/
Its great "scary" prize for October the month of Halloween!
If you're like me and you're not familiar 
with this creature, he's from the hit anime 
Attack On Titan and you can learn more
 about it and see a cool video clip on Japandaman's blog at

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9/3/2013: The new prize this month from SEGA Claw Game is Capt. Harlock!
Play free game now at http://segaprize.com/amuse/ufo/

6/21/2013: Claw Machine Games on Scratch Site
I did a search for "claw machine" on the Scratch web site.  Follow the link to see the results.  
After you try some of the games, please leave feedback for the game creators on the Scratch site.
Plus you can create your own game if you join the Scratch site.

6/16/2013: Fluency Challenge
I'm excited to give you this link for a new claw game I found today called Fluency Challenge, 
a math game designed to teach about finding percentages along a number line. 
Its a quick game, you get 60 seconds to click on the "target" number and grab a virtual prize. 

4/3/2013: What's this month's new prize in the UFO CATCHER game?
Screenshot of me winning the prize: Kaito Kuroba in Phantom Thief Kid disguise! 
Play it here

4/3/2013: Here's a screenshot of me playing this game today. 
Its a cool game from zlap at deviantart.

3/29/2013: Featured Game "Catch A Toy"
Here's a screenshot of my win today!

3/11/2013: New "Wreck It Ralph" prizes in the UFO Catcher 8 game!
 New prizes for the month of March, in this claw game that I found at http://segaprize.com/amuse/ufo/
My Screenshot:

1/30/2013: New Game Just Added To This Collection: UFO Catcher 8
I'm excited to announce I've added another claw game that I found at http://segaprize.com/amuse/ufo/

1/16/2013 Calling all Jr. Cybears: 
The Claw Machine game in the Cybear Guide Convention is Back! 
If you are a Build-a-Bear Jr. Cybear guide in Bearville, listen up: Bearville Insider reported just a few days ago that the Jr Cybear Guide Convention has returned this year with special features, including the return of the Claw Machine game! This online convention is a special reward that's available to Jr Cybear members for a short time in January. If you want to become a Jr Cybear, first you need to join buildabearville.com for free, then go to the Bear University to get more info about becoming a Jr Cybear guide. If you're already a guide, you should be directed to the Pawforming Arts Center when you log on, that's where the convention is being held.

11/26/12 Escape The Roller Rink 
A room escape game with a virtual Super Claw game in it that you 
have to "play" in order to find all the clues and escape from the room

11/9/2012: Interesting Video About How A Claw Game Works IRL

10/31/2012: Screen Shot of "The Game" a creepy claw-style game for Halloween!

10/27/2012: Group Costume Idea
Wear These Toy Story Alien Hats and be a group of 
Little Green Men from Inside the Claw! More Halloween Claw Machine Stuff here

10/19/2012: Play Chewits Claw on Facebook

10/17/2012: 68 Days Til Christmas...
Hoping They Will Bring The Santa Claw Back Again This Year


9/20/2012: I customized my claw machine with a skull, dripping blood, fire and ghosts

9/19/2012: Wish they had this when I was a kid...Toy Claw Math

9/19/2012: Into graphics? Read about Pavanjit Bain's project: "3D Game Claw"

9/16/2012: Cute Penguins in claw game "Ice Rink Sting" Very short clip from

9/16/2012: Wondering where to find a claw game near you? 
Try searching yelp.com! 
Here's my search for "claw machine" in California:

9/16/2012:  Cool Claw Win: Thetoymuseum's Spock Glove plush

8/31/2012:  Read blog about claw game powered by android

8/27/2012:  If you missed Big Brother last night (the show has a claw game)

8/9/2012:  LABview - a cool way to play a real claw game with an ipad

6/28/2012 Poptirkia Blog 
This blog says Poptropolis Games are now open to everyone and the new 
Wimpy Boardwalk which is supposed to be opening soon has a claw game.
Screenshot of Wimpy Boardwalk at Poptropolis - link to poptropica.com 

6/28/2012: "The Crazy Crane"
Good music and cool physx motion: arrow keys to move claw 
Hit "O" to open claw and "P" to drop claw

6/18/2012: So funny...Halo Kitty
Halo Kitty

5/29/2012: Human Claw Machine


I miss the Santa Claw but free wallpaper and ringtones are still available on their website

I like the cool prizes in this $3,595 machine - alien bouncey balls


Me winning a virtual prize in the free preview of 
online claw machine game called Toreba 

I ordered the Toy Story Space Alien Eraser Rocket Set today
Toy Story Space Alien Eraser Rocket Set
Photo from disneystore.com
8 erasers shaped like space aliens inside a rocketship container that looks like 
the claw machine in Pizza Planet from the Toy Story movie - so cute!

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source: valerienow

Happy Earth Day! 
In honor of recycling for Earth Day, here's a good freeware game 
that's been around for a while and you might want to play again.
 Its pretty realistic, I downloaded it years ago and it was fun to play.


She has awesome clawmaster skills

My Claw Machine Drawing 
I made this using scribbler which animates your drawing after you make it

My "Claw" drawing - make your own at picassohead.com

My new "Kittens" T-shirt Design

3/24/2012 Cat is Comfy Inside His Claw Machine

New Game added 
Thanks to Paul for finding "Get the Toy"
Get Tips  for playing 

 Just Released: Squinkies Crazy Crane 

I added "Ractis UFO Catcher" demo to my game collection



Congratulations to Real Art Design Group 
The Santa Claw was just listed in the 2012 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition as the largest claw machine.  See their 1/9/2012 blog at http://blog.realartusa.com/  
Learn more about The Santa Claw

Chevy Sonic 
 created a giant virtual claw machine at

Nestea Machine

Visit the Skill Crane store

If you know a good claw machine game & stuff on the web please email it to me and I may add it to my collection. 
This site is for families so please don't send games with violent or adult content - THANKS!