Valerie J. Janesick (Ph.D. Michigan State University) is Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of South Florida, Tampa.  She teaches classes in Qualitative Research Methods, Curriculum Theory and Inquiry, Foundations of Curriculum, Ethics and Educational Leadership. Her text, Stretching Exercises for Qualitative Researchers 3rd edition, (2011) Sage Publications, includes ways to integrate the arts in qualitative research projects. In this edition new sections include technology connections and the use of poetry to represent interview data. The book is structured around the notion of habits of mind.   Her writings have been published in Curriculum Inquiry, Qualitative Inquiry, Anthropology and Education Quarterly and other major journals.  Her chapters in the Handbook of Qualitative Research 1st edition and 2nd editions use Dance and the Arts as a metaphor for understanding research. She is completing oral history interviews of female school superintendents as part of a larger project on women leaders. Her chapter on Dewey and the arts and education can be found in the Sage (2007) Handbook of the Arts in Qualitative Inquiry:  Perspectives, Methodologies, Examples and Issues.  She is currently taking classes in Yoga and Meditation. Her most prized possession is her British Library Reader’s Card as she is working on an archival project on the letters of John Dewey to educators around the world.

The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.    ~ William Faulkner
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