Chris soloed on a beautiful sunny Sunday March 6th, 2011.  Two landings in 4437Q (Queenie)  Congratulations Chris!
Ranganathan has Soloed!!!!
Three nice landings in the Cessna 172M.  Way to go Ranganathan!  11-28-2010

November 14, 2010 Dillon passed his private pilot checkride at Houston Southwest Airport in a C152.  Congratulations to Dillon.

EAA Chapter 712 meeting at my hangar in Pearland on October 19th, 2010 at 7pm.  I'll have refreshments, drinks.  This will be a celebration of getting the Tailwind flying again after a year of overhauling the engine and rebuilding the firewall forward.  I'll post maps soon.


Jason is a Private Pilot - checkride passed on August 1, 2010.  Well done Jason!

Dillon Soloed!!!  Job well done.  Dillon soloed Darrell's pristine C152 at Baytown airport on 6/11/2010 and greased in three landings.

Dillon is a flight controller for Nasa's shuttle program.

Simon received his Tailwheel endorsement on May 9th 2010 in his 1947 Stinson 108-1with a Franklin 165.  Congratulations Simon!!  (and keep it straight) !!
Simon is a pilot for Lufthansa on the Airbus A330 and A340 and purchased the Stinson for his personal flying.  It will be loaded in a container and shipped to Germany where he will restore and enjoy flying this classic aircraft.

Jason Soloed!!  April 24th 2010.  Congratulations on his initial solo in the Cessna 152 at AXH

Flying the SCOH (Soaring Club of Houston) Pawnee
I'm now checked out as a tow pilot for the soaring club and will be spending a weekend a month towing gliders aloft.  It was more involved than I thought and required ground training, flight training, Online quiz, simulated glider tows in a J3 Cub, 10 landings in the Pawnee for insurance and finally three glider tows with a CFIG in the glider.
The club has two Pawnees, this is Pawnee1 with 180HP and a fabric covered wing.  They also have Pawnee2 with 235HP and a metal wing.  The two planes fly similarly, but landing is different in Pawnee2.  The metal wing is totally different and you can feel it has less drag when coming down.  Pawnee2 climbs at over 1500fpm and is off the ground in a couple hundred feet (no glider in tow)  I mean these things were built to haul 1000 lbs of chemicals and I'm flying around with 10 gallons of gas in a stripped down plane.  The visibility is really good with the sloped down nose.  With the glider attached it takes about three times longer on the ground roll and the climb out is about 500fpm (cessna performance!)

William Ivy 1st Solo!!!  February 14, 2010
My first flight student to solo, William "greased" in two landings on his own today at Pearland Regional.
Way to go William! 

YouTube Video

King Air 200 GPS approach
Cessna 152 information addded to files 1/27/2010
Flight training page updated (international student) flight training TSA
                             requirements 12/17/2009
It Snowed in Pearland!!  All day Friday we had snow. 
   Matt and Dro
Matts Snoman
(click on the pics to make them bigger)
FAQ page now has maps and directions to Pearland Regional Airport
New Flight Training page - resources for student pilots updated 11/23/09
Fish Fry at the hangar, Saturday Nov 14, 2009  11:30am till .....

so, this is what a fish fry looks like from a couple of years ago.  Bigger and better every year.  We are in Hammersley's hangars on the East side of the field (KLVJ)  if you get lost call my cell 281-723-6249

From downtown:  Take I-45 (Gulf frwy) South past the beltway.  Take the Dixie Farm Rd. exitTurn right onto Dixie Farm and go approx 3 miles to FM518.  Cross 518 and continue on Dixie Farm for about 1.5 miles.  There is a lot of construction, look for a street sign on the right side of the road that says "Tall Oak" .  Turn left at Tall Oak and continue past the nice homes till the road makes a sharp turn to the left.  Now, take the first right, which is CR127.  You are now running along the airport boundary.  On your right, go past the Bell Helicopter place and then turn into the white hangars.  We are in the second row of hangars back from the road.

Clover field airport is where the fish fry happens.  Clover is the old name for Pearland Regional Airport

Reklaw (flying M Ranch) Fly in 2009
This was the first time I made it to Reklaw and I was really glad I did although I was only there for a few hours on Saturday.  It is like flying in to Oshkosh but with way more chaos.  I had a blast flying in to Reklaw but it is not for the feint of heart.  There were several people on final that I was following.  People were running across the runway and planes were taking off and landing at the same time.  The runway is plenty wide so it is easy to have several planes on there at once.  The deal is to come in low over the trees and touch down as close as you can to the white tire threshold then slow down before you go down the hill.  The level spot at the beginning of O2 is about 800 ft although the runway is 3500 ft. long.  Taking off is cool too, you try to get flying speed before being launched off the hill.  I remained airborne but lost a foot or two before climbing out.  Every kind of plane imaginable was there from ultralights to Barrons and a Caravan.  Lots of RVs and homebuilts of every description.  Leon was going to come with me but got stuck at work at the last minute.... he was bummed.  So I did the flight by myself.  It seemed like a long time since I'd flown solo, used to do it all the time.  PLane climbed really well.
I met Carl S. with his Stinson and then went over to park with Rusty, Martha, Blake, Mike and Greg.  Alan and Pat were there with the highlander.  It is a really fun event with airplanes lining all 3500 feet of runway on both sides.   I'll be back next year for sure.
How many planes are on the runway? 
Over 600 aircraft on Saturday!  On the right is the control tower??
My big interest in life is flying.  Last month, after ten years of piloting, I received my initial CFI (flight instructor rating) through the Houston FSDO (Flight Standards District Office) and am now instructing at www.dutchwingsflightschool.com  Dutchwings has been a huge help and got me through the instrument, commercial and now CFI ratings. 
Valerie, left and Sathya who trained me           Lance Little, Houston FSDO
 for the CFI.  Sathya is amazing.  She is a         did my  CFI check ride.
Georgia Tech grad, aerospace engineer
and NASA flight controller.

Learn to Fly!  FAQ
How long does it take to get my private pilot license?  Many people can get it done in six months or less.  You will progress more rapidly if you can fly at least twice a week and devote time in preparation for your flight lessons. 

How many flight hours are required for a private pilot's license?  The FAA minimum is 40 hours, however the national average is 60-70 hours.

How much does it cost to get my private pilot license?  It is going to cost a minimum of $4000.  You can save money by getting the block rate for aircraft rental and instruction.
Resources for Student Pilots:
AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) http://www.aopa.org/learntofly/index.html
Air Safety Foundation http://www.aopa.org/asf/  look at the pinch hitter course for an overview http://flash.aopa.org/asf/pinch_hitter/swf/flash.cfm?
The FAA has all the information you need to get your license online
I am now on the schedule at www.dutchwingsflightschool.com located at Pearland Regional Airport (KLVJ) and now scheduling flights in the evening, early morning and weekends.  Call 281-723-6249 for a discovery flight or to get started on your ratings.

or email  valerieflyer@yahoo.com