Computer Graphics Works

(in case you are interested in trying any of the first three environments in real time, drop me a message and I'll send you an .exe)

(videos are slower than real rendering)

Real time stormy sea rendering
(projective grid)

Download Video (9.0MB)
Watch on YouTube (00:08)

 Real time calm sea rendering
(projective grid)

Download Video (10.8MB)
Watch on YouTube (00:35)

Underwater simulation

Download Video (2.4MB)
Watch on YouTube (00:42)

 Volumetric nebula highlighting with point light sources (particle system, real-time)

 Volumetric nebula and stars, colored light sources (particle system, real-time)

Flight trough nebula (transparent rectangular layers, kind of 3d texture, real-time)

  A few standard still beautiful
ray tracing shots
 from school

 Bulk of geometric figures

 Focus near

 Focus far

Special skills and experience:

Graphics library from scratch (DOS, Assembler language, C)
  • direct video memory access
  • interruptions handling (mouse events catching, timer, playing music on built-in loudspeaker)
  • line and triangle drawing
  • z buffer algorithm
  • alpha blending
  • projective and parallel perspective transformations
  • final project: Tetris game.
Ray tracing algorithm
  • reflections
  • refractions
  • focus plane adjustment
2D Geodesic maps editor & their 3D model renderer (in a team of four) (DirectX & C++)
  • implemented iterative algorithm for building a height map by a set of height lines
  • rendering of continuous noise by random numbers and adding to a sub-partitioned terrain
  • coloring 3D model according to height value
3D graphics engine (DirectX & C++) (in a team of four)
  • implementing output level (initializing DirectX, settings output modes, etc)
  • collision detection with a ray (sub-partitioning the scene with 3D regular grid, tracing a ray with analog of 3D Bresenham algorithm). Examples: shooter and ray tracing acceleration
  • inverse kinematics (recursive iterative algorithm)
OpenGL graphics library and cg shader language
  • particle system (space nebulas) - clouds particles, stars, star beams, colored light sources
  • 3D texture - flying through nebula (sandwiched transparent planes in front of camera)
  • underwater rendering 
    • displacement of visual image (pixel shader) - an effect of underwater scattering
    • caustics simulation, using photon map technique
  • computational geometry - intersecting camera plane with regular grid of water surface, triangulating (to mark output area of shaders application)
  • stereo rendering - two cameras adjustments
  • water surface rendering (vertex and pixels shaders)
    • reflections
    • transparent wave crests
    • projective grid (stormy sea surface)
    • bump mapping
    • foam