Mont Blanc, 2010
Our tram

This tram brought us onto

We needed to climb that far until the end of the day
So, we've set off
And we were presented with such an astonishing view
It is the last camp until the summit, and there is a small arrow indicating where our tent is standing

Can't say, it was easy. That's me as you might have guessed =)

The path was quite narrow, but astonishingly beautiful
And here we are! At the summit!

There was a storm that night, and our tent appeared to be buried under the snow at the morning
Just imagine! Four people were sleeping there
And we are back to civilazation, covered with dust and suntan

Kamchatka, 2010

The most eastern point of Eurasia

Waiting for luggage under the sky

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii from
the top of ski slope


My best friends!

Dead Korean ship

Just me

Velo tour de Europe, 2009


Switzerland the very start of our journey

20 days and 20 nights cycling

Path to Matterhorh - the most beautiful European mountain

Higher and higher

Look up! Quickly! Bicyclists are falling!

Another pass


Sweet corners of Venice

Sleepless night on the bench
of this lovely town

Caucasus, 2008

My first mountain trip started at
such a gorgeous lake

And led to one another

Up and up and up...   
In a building helmet for 3$

We missed the pass and
struggled out a bit higher

My photo with our strategists, leaders and masterminds.
Cascade of several lakes
Eating sugar. Starving =)
Through the glacier