John Moore (1588-1648)

The Moore (Mores, Muirs) are a sept of the Scottish Clan "Leslie" but they do have a distinct tartan.
On Chambers side, through the Bateman line, Don V.’s ancestors were Scots-Irish or Ulster Scots.  The oldest ancestor found to date is John Moore, a Scottish man born 15 May 1588 in Glasgow, Scotland.  He was married to Mary Fenwick, an Irish woman, on Aug 10 1618.  We are lucky enough to have this information because a book, authored by John Andrew Moore Passmore, exists on the descendants of this union and is available on the Internet. 

In 1612 King James I, himself Scottish,  changed a statue that had made it difficult for Scots to move into Ireland and illegal for them to marry Irish people.  This law had been on the books for forty years because many in Ireland looked down upon the Scots and rejected their Non-Conformist religious beliefs.  It is interesting that the Moore family moved to Ireland at this time.

John Moore, born in Glasgow Scotland, was a 24 year old man when his family moved to Ulster, Ireland in 1612.  They were a part of what is called the Plantation or Ulster Project.  Ulster is a province of North Ireland and contains nine counties.  The one in which the Moore family settled was County Antrim.  In a few decades the Scots were to numerically dominate in some areas of Antrim.  However, because of their dissenting views and strong Scottish heritage they stood apart from the rest of Ireland. 

During the 111 years before the family immigrated to America religious tensions throughout Great Britain grew stronger.  The Puritans began migrating to America in 1629 and the Quakers in 1656.

Nuclear Family

Husband:  John Moore b. May 15 1588, Glasgow, Scotland; d. Oct 01 1648, County Antrim, Ireland

Wife:  Mary Fenwick b. Jun 12 1590, County Antrim, Ireland; d. Apr 18 1658, County Antrim, Ireland

Son:  James Moore b. Apr 17 1630, Ballanacree, Parish of Ballymoney, Antrim County, Ireland; d. Sep 04 1701, County Antrim, Ireland

Online Resources

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Rope Bridge, Carrick-a-Rede, County Antrim, Ireland
Courtesy of the Library of Congress