Ways you can help!

Ways you can help!

As a 501 c 3 private nonprofit, donations make a huge difference in what we have to offer to our clients each year. We accept food, art and school supplies, personal care items, office supplies, and of course money. Please let us know if you have something else in mind. We will see if we can put it to good use. 

Volunteer at our offices, at the shelter, or to assist with community outreach and fundraising. We have many ways for you to be involved. 

Help spread the word. The more that people know about domestic violence and the resources to support families in this county the better. 

Apply to be a Board member. We are always looking for passionate people that want to make a difference. Volunteering for a Board committee is a great  way to get started.

Please be safe. If you feel you may be at risk, 
please call our 24 hour crisis line @ 505-864-1383 
and delete your browser history.