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An amazing location for the new snow vole survey

posted May 30, 2014, 4:33 AM by Valentina La Morgia
So... time is running fast, but fortunately we are almost ready for the new snow vole field survey! 
You can find some general project info here, but this post is actually about the news concerning our 2014 study area.

While in 2010-2012 we carried out our activities for data collection in the Ciamousseretto study site (Orco Valley, Piedmont), this summer we are moving to Aosta Valley. This change is simply due to logistical problems, but I am also happy about it.
Indeed, I am really glad to announce that the Park has just made available a guesthouse located in one of its most beautiful valleys!
We are going to work right here:

Rifugio Vittorio Sella

The guesthouse is located near the Vittorio Sella Hut (section CAI Biella), in the basin of Lauson (2.588 m a.s.l.) - check out the Vittorio Sella Hut website (the English version is also available) or the hut Youtube channel to discover more about this wonderful location!

Anyway... let's go back to our field survey...

What are we planning to do?

We will visit the area for an inspection within a month (I guess on June, the 24th), just to explore the surroundings. From the Sella hut, we will hike towards the Herbetet lodges and/or the Lauson glacier, looking for a good place to set our snow vole traps.
Then, we will carry out our first session of data collection within the 10 of July (the exact date will vary according to meteorological conditions... obviously!) - according to my plans, it should lasts a week (7 nights at least). We need to trap enough snow voles to have an abundance estimate, so... I have my fingers crossed right now!