***The information below is from the 2010-2011 school year and will be updated soon.***

Students have three main grading categories that are weighted by importance. They are Homework/Notebook Checks, Quizzes, and Tests. The weightings are relatively close to each other, though, so that students are not penalized for knowing the information but being poor test takers.

Math Weightings
Homework/Notebook Checks (HW or NB) --  30%
Quizzes (Q) --  35%
Tests(T)   --   35%

*  When students enter the room, they are to do their Bellringer on their homework from the previous night. Bellringers are primarily a review of something from the day before to ensure students don't forget what they have learned.

*  Homework is checked for completion daily. If there were any problems students had difficulty with, those are covered before the answers are checked. Students are to keep all HW and handouts in their binder. (THEY NEED A BINDER for this class to be organized.) If absent, a student must make-up his/her work in a timely manner.
*  Additional homework assignments may be given to be turned in for a grade, which will be weighted as a homework grade.

*  Quizzes are generally given half way through a chapter to determine a student's progress in the chapter and to prepare them for the coming test. Long chapters may have more than one quiz. They generally have 10 questions that are two points each and include one or two bonus questions with the same value.

*  Tests are given at the end of a chapter. Since they are cumulative, they are weighted more than in-class assignments or homework. They generally have 20 questions and are out of 100 points. One or two bonus questions are added to the end of a test, as well.

*  Extra Credit (EC) assignments are offered. Students should take advantage of every EC opportunity that they are presented with (You never know when those few extra points will take you from a C to a B or a B to an A!). These are generally a few challenging problems worth 3 to 5 points or a worksheet or book assignment that for every three correct problems, students receive 1 EC point. These EC assignments never count against a student's grade, but they are weighted in either the quiz or test section. **Students MAY NOT ask for individual EC assignments!! That is unfair to the other students. These opportunities will be available to the WHOLE CLASS so everyone has a chance to improve his/her grade.**