• B.Sc. in Software Engineering, July 2011
                Azad University, Shiraz, Iran
                Advisor : Dr.M.Mehrabi
                Thesis   :  
  •  M.S. in Management Information Systems,November 2015
               University of Tehran
  •  Ph. D. in

Software Re -Engineering
Authors :Hamidreza Valadanzouj
Publication date : 2012/11/1
Conference : cseit2012 (1 National Conference on Computer Sciences and Engineering and IT)
Issue :Computer Sciences and Engineering

The effect of spirituality on growth and organizational excellence
Authors : Hamidreza Valadanzouj
Publication date : 2016/8
Journal :  نشریه نگهبان انقلاب اسلامی
Volume : 149
Issue : 3
Pages :7-8
Publisher : Iranian Police Ideological−Political Organization

Authentication with sound signature
Authors : Hamidreza Valadanzouj

Social networking from the perspective of intelligence
Authors : Hamidreza Valadanzouj



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