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Welcome to the online Vajraloka newsletter and blog.  This will contain news and writings about Vajraloka, about our programme, and above all, articles about meditation and Dharma practice by members of the Vajraloka team, guest leaders and retreatants. We hope that it will be a stimulating and informative read!

Tejananda, Chairman, Vajraloka


30 years of meditation in the Welsh countryside

Next year, Vajraloka celebrates its 30th anniversary. In late 1979, a small group of men braved the harsh Welsh winter to start making a group of semi-derelict farm buildings - Ty'n-y-ddol - into a meditation community and a meditation retreat centre for the FWBO.

If you follow the links to the left, you'll find articles about the 'early days' by some of those who were around - Kamalashila, who was here from the start, and Vajradaka, who arrived not long after and stayed for 21 years!