SWARAJ YUVA MANCH (SYM) came into being as an embodiment of aspiration by few of the youth of unified Madhya Pradesh now Chhattisgarh.

 As a Youth Organization SYM has following objectives to achieve :

  • By inculcating the social responsibilities of youth conducting the work of social welfare.

  • Remaining neutral to politics, gearing and mobilizing youth power so as to conduct collective leveraging for larger benefit of society.

  • conducting intellectual, literary, cultural work.

  • Promotion of Yoga, Music & Art.

  • Helping poor and destitute.

SYM  is a youth organisation which is non-governmental, politically independent, and non-profit, open to youth from different backgrounds.

 In other words, SYM is a intercultural youth organization. SYM aims to remove the psychological barriers between different cultures, give a chance to mutual conversation, encourage youth participation and confirm strength in youth to express their opinions freely.

Established in year 2000 Swaraj Yuva Manch (SYM) is running steadily towards completion of ten years of committed working.