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You can read some of my articles in The Hindu here.

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It's your call, pals 

Perils of banking on the last minute 

My dear friend Priya's article links. Trust me will make a good read. Her eloquence in writing impresses me a lot.

Little steps towards bliss 

Green pastures of the past 

Happily ever after in college? Give me a break! 

And this is for Priya 


My favourite humour column  

I can read C & H, Dilbert, Tiger, Pickles for hours. Gives me a sense of elation while reading them :)

Coming to Movies and Music, I am a movie buff. Love watching animation based flicks, Rom-Com movies which give me a feel good factor and movies inspired by real life.

Some of my favourites include Sound of music, Forrest Gump, Pursuit of Happyness, A Beautiful Mind, Shawshank Redemption(wow!), Cast Away, Pirates of the Silicon Valley, A Walk to Remember, Entrapment, The Pink Panther,When Harry met Sally,Catch me if you can, GoodWillHunting, Philedelphia, The Hitch, Sleepless in Seattle,The Terminal, Serendipity, Green Mile, Ice Princess.....

All time favo's include Ratatouille, Finding Nemo(lingers forever in my mind),Stuart Little I & II, Alladin, Polar Express, Lion King I & IIMadagascar, Terminal, The Incredibles, Patch Adams, Morning Raga, October Sky, Shall we dance(Ah!), Mr & Mrs Iyer, Hyderabad Blues I & II, Cheeni Kum, Dil Chatha Hai(all time favourite have a real track of friends like that!), Jewel Theif{A big fan of  Evergreen Dev Anand}, Jhankar beats, The Blue Umbrella, Dor, Mouna Ragam, Rhythm, Ninne Pelladutha, Sangamam, Mozhi and good ol' Sivaji Ganeshan movies in Tamil which me and dad watch together.

Music is Divine for me. I listen to A.R Rahman and Iliyaraja's  in tamil, coming to albums Colonial Cousins, Euphoria,  BSB, Summer's of 69 are my all time favourite albums and Rafi-Kishore Da's music of the yore.

I love reading but thanks to Internet haven't be doing that for a while. I am just hooked to my Laptop all the time :(.

Some of my activities are Running,Trekking,Physcology,Journalism,Travel and Writing

I decently manage to cook as well. A passion that i have been religiously pursuing with a li'l concoction and innovation. An avid quizzer and Quizzing is a passion which gets me hooked for hours together without battling my eyelid.

Graphology interests me a lot which I would like to take up in the long run.