A Potpourri of Emotions

-I'm a dot in place

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        A Potpourri of Emotions 

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A place where you can find my ramblings and arbit musings.
It's my ineptitude to express myself in this space, still make an attempt of my rendezvous with life.

Sane yet overwhelmed
Innovative yet plagiarized
Patient yet tempered
innocent yet naughty
Affable yet moody
Hyperactive yet lazy

Simple yet complex
Hospitable yet hostile
Stable yet capricious
Loquacious yet laconic
Complacent yet unsatisfied
Reserved yet forthright !!
Guess I am a mixture of opposites. Hush u go and discover me.

I am like the dory in Finding Nemo. Innocent, naive and short term memory loss too ;). All I want is my folks to be happy.
Don't what kinda cryptic algorithm has God  written for me which cannot be deciphered ;).