Wake up Sleeping Beauty

posted May 11, 2011, 12:40 PM by Victor Gutenmacher   [ updated Nov 7, 2016, 5:55 PM ]

Art by Sergey Ivanov

Everyone knows the Grimm Brothers' tale about Princess Briar Rose -- the "Sleeping Beauty." :


Once upon a time  there was a wonderful MAGAZINE OF MATH AND SCIENCE called QUANTUM,

but it went dormant like Sleeping Beauty. But now QUANTUM MAGAZINE appeared on Internet:


Now, we would like  to show our papers from Quantum Magazine: 

Below are links and attachments to the articles that were authored by Victor Gutenmacher ,  and by "Vaguten" --

the pen name of the collaboration between  N.Vasilyev and V. Gutenmacher,

which blends their last names. 

Divisive Devices (link)(Euclid’s algorithm, greatest common divisor, and fundamental

theorem of arithmetic), V. N. Vaguten, Sep/Oct91, p36 (Feature) , see also http://www.math.drexel.edu/~tolya/220_euclid.pdf

Combinatorics-Polynomials-Probability (see the attachment) (Permutations and binomial coefficients),

Nikolay Vasilyev and Victor Gutenmacher, Mar/Apr93, p18 (At the Blackboard)

Dragon Curves (see the attachment) ( Davis-Knuth’s famous design), Nikolay Vasilyev and

Victor  Gutenmacher, Sep/Oct95, p4 (Feature)  

Unindentical Twins (see the attachment)   (Using conjugate numbers to tame irrationalitites), V. N. Vaguten,

Nov/Dec97, p20 (Feature) 

Arithmetic Obstacles  (see the attachment) (Analyzing the possibility of moving from one position to another),

N. Vaguten, Jul/Aug99, p4 (Feature) 

Selecting the Best Alternative (see the attachment) (Mathematical programming and problems of management),

V. Gutenmakher and Zh. Rabbot, Nov/Dec99, p36 (At the Blackboard) 

Joseph Rabbot is the provost of The Russian National Correspondence School In Math

And Science (ВЗМШ Открытый Лицей «Всероссийская Заочная Многопредметная Школа» ) 

One can read brief biography sketches of Nikolay Vasiliyev on the last page of our  Lines and Curves

The next paper 

Close Fractions (see the attachment), V.N. Vaguten was published by AMS.

We had requests to translate a few

of our other papers from the Russian magazine KVANT  to other languages.

The following papers were published in Russian.  Следующие статьи изданы на русском языке (here are the links): 




Wallace Feurzeig, Ilya Bronstein, Timothy Weber, Natalie Khalatov-Krimnus,  Victor Steinbok, Marilyn Schaffer,

and Boris Katz





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