NATURAL OR SOCIAL DISASTER? an open letter from your masters about recent events in Japan and other things

Thousands and thousand dead or missing. Millions evacuated. So far. Entire cities swept away. It’s almost as if it wasn’t an earthquake, but a nuclear bomb, that struck Japan. It’s almost as if it wasn’t a tsunami, but a war, that laid waste to the houses. Well, okay, in fact, it was. But despite what some of you may think, the enemies who struck so hard and who still continue to threaten are not the earth and sea. Though we’ve taught you to see nature as an entity, a being that may use such tools to seek revenge, and so a hostile being, that’s just one of our many con jobs. The war that has been going on for centuries is not a war between humanity and the natural environment. We just made up that story to keep you all in line. We are the enemy; we are the war.

But nature is one of our main battlefields. We have caused floods by transforming the atmospheric climate with our industrial activities. We have destroyed riverbanks by cementing their beds and deforesting their shores. We have made bridges collapse by building them with shoddy material so that we could underbid the competition and win contracts. We have swept away entire villages and towns by building houses in areas we knew were at risk. We have contaminated the planet by building nuclear power plants. We have bred ourselves in jackals and vultures by seeking profit everywhere. We have neglected taking precautionary measures, because our concern was to open new shopping malls, highways, subway lines and sports stadiums. But we couldn’t have done it without you. You are the ones who have let this all happen over and over again, by delegating the decisions that concern your lives to us. And we thank you…

But, of course, we did it all for you. We have devastated the world so that you can move faster, eat faster, work faster, live faster. And isn’t speed what you all really want these days? So how dare you complain when you notice that you can also die faster? Well, go ahead and complain. It doesn’t hurt us, so long as you continue in your passivity and obedience.

But realize that there really aren’t any purely natural disasters these days; they are all social disasters. And you might as well accept them. It’s the price of all the speed and convenience. If you don’t want to be the victim of the poisons that escape and the shoddy structures that collapse in unforeseen earthquakes and unusual floods, if you don’t want to die of unknown viruses, then you are going to have to stop sitting on your asses; you are going to have to recognize the war we have declared against you all, and act against the real enemies: the way of life, the values, the habits, the culture and the passive indifference and obedience that we have imposed on you and that most of you don’t even question (and we are so grateful for that…), in other words this society and all of its institutions. But it is our hope that you will continue to show no inclination to imagine other possibilities for living or to fight against the present reality, that you will continue to be willing to die from the existence we have arranged and imposed rather than threaten our power and our profits. For the good of the economy and for social peace (which is our ongoing victory in this war), please continue to obey, and die quietly as you have always lived…

Thank you, your masters