At the entrance of the modern era stands the “God-man.”1 Will only the God in the God-man evaporate at its exit, and can the God-man really die if only the God in him dies? They haven't thought of this question and considered themselves finished when in our day they brought the work of the Enlightenment, the overcoming of God, to a victorious end. They didn't notice that the human being has killed God in order to now become – “sole God on high.” The other world outside us is indeed swept away, and the great enterprise of the men of the Enlightenment is accomplished; but the other world inside us has become a new heaven and calls us forth to storm the heavens once again: God has had to make way, but not for us, rather for – humanity. How can you believe the God-man has died before the man in him, as well as the God, has died?

1Though I am generally translating “mensch” as “human being,” in this specific case, the reference to the “God-man” of Christian theology calls for this translation.