We were born into a world where:

Dreams and desires have been locked within the cages of psychotherapeutic interpretations;

Revolt has been bound with the fetters of moribund leftist ideologies;

Creativity has been enslaved to the sadistic masters, art and literature;

The marvelous has been handcuffed to the cops of mysticism and mythology;

Reality has lost the ability to laugh at itself and its foibles and so suppresses a truly playful spirit;

Thought has become a rigidly armored fortress protecting its ideological foundations from every criticism;

Revolution has had its passion organized out of existence leaving only structural rigor mortis where once insurgence breathed and danced.

This world has ceased to bring forth amazing monsters;

It is no longer a conduit for the marvelous;

It has lost touch with the convulsive beauty of love and lust;

It can no longer give birth to babies with wings;

It has ceased growing and begun to rot;

It has suppressed surreality wherever this marvelous flower has bloomed.

Therefore, from now on, surreality will manifest in:

Dreams and desires freed from all interpretation and sublimation, being the living energies of free-spirited individuals;

Total revolt against every aspect of social reality including the ideologies that strive to squeeze this revolt into the limited mold of leftist activism;

The free-spirited creation of our lives for ourselves, lived to the limits against every role and rule;

The discovery of the marvelous in each unique being, free from any mystical or religious guidelines;

The humor and playfulness of free-spirited individuals who realize their strength and creativity in their own joyful foolishness;

Open, expansive, generous thinking which grows from the inner strength of free-spirited rebels;

An insurgent dance, a feral insurrection that refuses all limitations, exists beyond all structures and is the realm of indomitable free spirits.

Today, social reality is a lifeless, passionless corpse. Let’s bury it. Now the amazing monsters of surreality must come forth in the world playful and terrifying in their wild energy, freed of the cages and chains that have bound them; our dreams, our desires, our humor, our revolt can populate the world with the most marvelous creatures.

Social reality is dead; long live surreality!