Surging, reeling passion went screaming through me. I knew the moon the stars, the planets, for that moment, as my own, as an intense pleasure that I wanted to share – but how do I share it? – how do I share an intensity of passion that howls “I want you – I want to consume and be consumed by you in fiery pleasure! Whirlwinds of ecstatic joy tearing us to laughing, panting, howling ribbons! Learning to be the pluriverses by ingesting all in our own ecstasies! What wonder we could find in each other’s caresses!” Damn! – Why can’t the world be so free that my embraces could encompass those beautiful women, those wonderful “straight” men, the marvelous children, the moon, the stars, everything in a pleasure that goes beyond “sexual” or any other social category for pleasures. – How do you express the longing for a world in which singing and dancing are the way we speak – in which poetry becomes the intensity and beauty of our lives and interactions, a reality where we live in dreams more beautiful than we have yet imagined – Intoxicated with ourselves and with each other.