Politics Laid Bare by Its Bachelors, Even

An Attempt at a Quick Diagnosis

by some anti-party soreheads[1]


    These pages were written and published anonymously in France in the early months of 1977. The best way to understand them is to treat them by the standard of those who published them: the signal of the end of an epoch; the “explosion point of nihilism in France”.

   They maintain a sufficient trace of the necessity which demanded them that they require no further interpretations here: keeping the false promises to which all parties are, more or less wretchedly, dedicated at the greatest possible distance; preserving their innocence for the future; for harsh reality, their wit; for the adventure of being, their fire.

14 December 1995

Attacking the totalitarian scenario of existence that, in the entire space-time of human society subjected to the state, organizes the political viewpoint, we lay siege to the most solid certainties of a world. With its shoddy “reasons”, with its shoddy morals, with its shoddy hopes. This scandal will not let itself be easily circumscribed. The development of the analyses here doesn’t just condemn the old political perspectives, but also the thoughts of enslavement that feed them and, of course, their sectorial flowering—everywhere.


17 June 1977 

Part 1 A Stupidity. Such is happiness, in this world.

[1] Actually, the work of one person, Jean-Paul Michel