Insurgence of Willful Self-Creation


The writings that appear on this blog are, in a sense, a developing manifesto, but not as that word is usually understood. I am not trying to start a movement or gain adherents for a cause. Rather I am here declaring my own life project. It is a project of rebellion and anarchy, not because I take these up as causes, but because I recognize that my central project, making my life my own, puts me in conflict with this world based on a piecemeal enslavement in which most are fooled into believing they own themselves even while knowing the time and activities of their lives are not their own, and because I recognize that every institution of authority requires this enslavement.

Because the writing here is a declaration of my life project, I am experimenting with writing it almost completely in the first person singular (only veering from that where it would be too inaccurate or horribly clumsy). This serves two purposes. First of all, by writing this way, I continually remind myself that this is a project that I am actively aiming to carry out, not merely some abstract theory. Secondly, I hope it makes my project seem more real to the reader, so that anyone who feels a resonance with it might be moved to explore how their own life project might interweave with mine in complicity.

To make it easier to follow the blog in the order that I wrote the pieces, each page will just have this intro and one piece on it. Go to the earliest thing on the blog archive to begin and simply go up on at a time to read in the order I wrote them. This will probably help to make better sense of them.

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