Individualist and Egoist Thought

Individualist and egoist thought is essential to anarchy as I understand it. The critiques of collectivism (not to be mistaken for the rejection of collective activity as a useful practice) and society certainly play a major part in my own rebellion against all authority. In edition, most individualist and egoist theorists use a clear, straightforward, language that makes it easy to contend with their ideas. This is true even of those who write in a more poetic a more poetic style. Therefore I am chose to post and link to writings by and about various egoists and individualists who are worth contending with. I do not agree with all the writings that will appear here, but I do think that they offer substance with which one can wrestle and grasp some strong theoretical tools in the battle to make one's life her or his own. I will be adding to the list and getting more links established over time. 

Max Stirner

Ernest Coeurderoy

James L. Walker

Zo d'Axa

Albert Libertad

Dora Marsden

Renzo Novatore

Bruno Filippi

Anselm Ruest and Salomo Friedlander

Emile Armand

Enzo Martucci

Enrico Arrigoni (Frank Brand)

Internet Archive of Individualist Anarchism