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Project at a Glance:  UC Merced Capstone project, partnered with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories 

Project Objectives:  In a micro-grid setting, the power supply is typically based upon renewable resources. When power demand exceeds production, the frequency of the power drawn from the grid decreases. Large fluctuations in frequency can have a negative impact on the lifespan of devices connected to the grid and are indicative that the grid is being over-drawn.  Because temporary frequency changes are an unavoidable consequence of changing demand, the goal of the Vibrationally Automated Demand Response Technology group (VADRe Tech.) is to create a stand-alone wall outlet interface which is capable of monitoring the frequency of the power and temporarily switching off attached devices during times of heavy load.

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Circuit Diagram Everyone 1.) Active 3.) High February 20, 2013 90% 
Frequency ADC Everyone 1.) Active 3.) High March 15, 2013 50% 
Relay Control Everyone 1.) Active 2.) Medium March 20, 2013 30% 
Incentives & Economic Analysis Everyone 1.) Active 4.) Critical March 20, 2013 10% 
Microcontroller/Algorithm Optimization Everyone 1.) Active 2.) Medium March 20, 2013 30% 
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  • Files added Diagrams/Schematics, C code, pictures and summary for frequency meter added to Project Documents.
    Posted Feb 7, 2013, 12:44 AM by Ed T
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