Virginia District 3 Little League
Tradition of Champions
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Important dates for District 3 leagues

Constitution - must be revised by every league for the 2017 season and approved by the league members and not the board. This must be approved by South Eastern Region then an approved copy must be sent to the District Office. The recommended deadline date is December 31, 2017.

Charter – must be sent in by December 31, 2017. (Williamsport)

Financial Statement- for 2017 season must send one to District and one to Williamsport. Send in after Reorganization meeting.

Membership List - (not board members but league members) must be sent to the District Office. The recommended deadline date is March 31, 2018.

Boundary Map - must be signed and dated by the 2018 President and the District Administrator. One copy sent to South Eastern Region, one copy to the District Office and one copy kept by the league and posted at your place of registration.
Registration - must obtain a copy of the birth certificate, locate where they live on boundary map, obtain 3 proofs of residency and fill out ALL necessary forms.Please explain to parents, if this is not done, their child cannot PLAY. Your Leagues Registration must be uploaded when complete.
Safety Plan – must be sent to Williamsport and a copy sent to the District Safety Officer. The deadline is February 1, 2018, however it should be done before any practices or tryouts begin.

Forms – II D, IV H, Application for Inter-league Play and Application for Combined Teams must be filled out completely by the league president and sent to the District Office. Forms must be filled out completely and correct. Once approved they will be sent to South Eastern Region. Recommended deadline is April 1, 2018

Forms requesting two leagues operate under one board (applies only to those leagues involved in this type of operation) must be filled out ASAP.

Wavier Forms- Must be approve by Board & sent to District as soon as possible.This is also for Special Games Forms.

Completed Officers List – must be filled out completely and sent to the District Office as soon as you have your organizational meeting and officers are elected.
District Tournament – If your league hosts a district tournament, the money collected from “pass the hat” and the financial sheet you receive with the tournament booklet must be sent to the District Office by August 1, 2018.
Age Breakdown Form – must be sent in after your Registration is complete to the District ADA of your Area (1 or 2).


District 3 Little Leagues

Bridgewater Ted Thomas 
Broadway Jeff Showalter 
Clarke County Kim Braithwaite 
Elkton John Sipe 
Frederick County American Chris Nesselrodt 
Frederick County National Mike Gorlinsky 
Front Royal Roger Smelser 
Grottoes Kara Irving 
Harrisonburg Dean Warlitner 
Luray Mary Ridgeway 
Mount Jackson-New Market Will Gangwer 
Stanley Adam Pettit 
Strasburg Derek Copeland 
Warren County Softball Rusty Mayberry 
Woodstock-Edinburg Amanda Kibler 
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Virginia's most liked District.

District 3 is one of 16 districts in the state that represent Virginia Little League.  The District Administrator and staff work as volunteers to provide assistance to the 15 leagues that comprise District 3.  Our basic mission is to support each local league in adhering to the principles and rules that govern Little League Baseball and Softball, and to manage all district level post-season tournament play.

Each local league is administered solely by volunteers whose hard work and dedication make it possible for the children in their community to share in the Little League experience.  New and additional volunteers are needed every season, so please ask how you can help your local program when you register your child(ren).  Links to web sites for the fourteen District 3 leagues can be found here.