Draft Horse & Mule Videos

If you have videos of draft animals or mules at work or play, please send the link to the Webmistress.

Horses Pulling Vermont into the Future

What's a Unicorn Hitch?

2008 Iowa State Fair-Belgian Hitch Competition
The commentator explains what the judge is looking for in hitch horses.

A Singing Dutch Draft Horse?
Have a sense of humor here!  :-)

When Floridians Drive in Snow
So they thought a 4WD truck would get them through the mountains...

20-Mule Hitch
Mules do have a mind of their own!

12-Mule Hitch (mini-mules)

Mounted Police Competition

46-Horse Hitch Slide Show

Draft in Marathon Competition

Chariot Races
What else can you do with donkeys?

Four Horsepower
Watch as an Amish good Samaritan uses his four drafts to power a tractor trailer out of a snowdrift.

VDHMA YouTube videos are HERE.

Cute Belgian learning agility

Hevosagility.Pieni video jolkottelusta(mölli-luokka!)Prosperolta.Loput kuvat kirjasta HEVOSAGILITY
This is pretty neat. Maybe a category for the next OD Show?
Equine Agility

In case you wondered what the Amish Mud Sale is about...
Gordonville Mud Sale