Vadas Gintautas 


I am currently Assistant Professor of Physics at Chatham University.

Contact Information:
Chatham University
Woodland Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 356-1194  or  vgintautas at chatham dot edu 

Research Interests:
Theoretical neuroscience, information theory, neural networks, biological networks, nonlinear dynamics, machine learning, artificial intelligence.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   Ph.D. Physics, 2008
   M.S. Physics, 2006
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
   B.S. Physics (with Honors and Highest Distinction), 2004
   B.A. Mathematics, 2004

Please see my CV for a list of publications, talks, etc.  Also here are Arxiv preprints of most of my papers.

My Erdös number is 5:

Vadas Gintautas - Luís M. A. Bettencourt - Carl M. Bender - Sándor P. Fekete - Aviezri S. Frankel - Paul Erdös

another way:

Vadas Gintautas - Alfred Hübler -  Norman H. Packard - Steven Wolfram - Andrew M. Odlyzko - Paul Erdös