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Service Support

Whether you have questions about technical
operations, maintenance, repairs and service, or parts replacements we are here to meet your needs.
At Vacuum Truck Supply and Repair we are expertly trained and dedicated service providers with over 20 years experience.
We are ready and eager to assist you with all your service needs in a manner which maintains our reputation of being the best service providers in the industry.
Our mission is to go the extra mile to get you back on the job as soon as possible.
We understand the importance of maximising the productivity of your vacuum trucks and trailers, whilst reducing your fleet’s repair cost.
Vacuum Truck Supply and Repair services all makes and models of vacuum pumps and pressure/vacuum pumps.
We offer quality and quick repairs to meet your production demands.

We offer:

  • Vacuum Pumps – sales/service/ repairs
  • Air Filters – competitively priced air inlet filters
  • Lubrication oils for vacuum pumps
  • Quality and quick repairs
  • PD blowers: Roots, Cord, Tuthill, Robuschi, Hibon
  • Vane vacuum pumps:  Becker, Fruitland, Presvac, Moro
  • Liquid Ring pumps: SIHI, Nash, and others
Leak detection services, vacuum systems
Diagnostics and problem solving vacuum & pressure systems
  • Warranty On All Repairs
Accidents Hurt....Safety Doesn't