Parking Instructions

Parking will be at the Central Grounds Parking Garage, 400 Emmet Street South, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

Your parking will be paid by the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs if you follow the instructions provided below. It’s rather complicated, but here are the 2 most important things to know before you park:

1. Please allow extra time to accommodate the parking process, which involves getting your license-tag number and the parking code ready to enter into the pre-pay machines before you exit the garage. The garage is located adjacent to Newcomb Hall.

2. IMPORTANT! Parking is pre-paid only. You will be paying with a code (called a Coupon in the pay stations).

  • Once you park in the garage, bring your license tag number and this code (“coupon”) to any of the pay stations located next to the elevators on each floor.

  • Coupon: E24101CX

  • The parking garage tells us that failure to prepay with this code (or with card/cash if you don’t have the code) means a $55.00 ticket.

  • It's also possible to pay via the phone app Parkmobile. The zone number is printed next to the pay stations, Zone 5515. You should be able to enter the Coupon in the Promo Code box.

Detailed directions

a. Have the coupon/code and your license plate number ready

b. Drive in to the garage; you do not need to stop and get a ticket

c. Park in any available space. There are 4 floors, each with elevator and pay station

d. Take your license plate number and coupon/code E24101CX

e. Go to a pay station, next to any elevator (if there’s a line, you can pay on another floor)

f. At the pay station, choose Pay -> Pay by Plate and enter license plate number

g. Choose 1: Purchase ticket

h. Choose 2: Coupon

i. Enter number of hours (1 more than you think you’ll need). The event will conclude by 3 pm; allow another hour to be sure you have time to finish up and walk to the parking garage. The UVA Bookstore sits atop the Garage, so you may want to allow time to stop there.

j. Hit OK

k. Enter the coupon number E24101CX

l. A ticket will print, which you may keep for your records. You don’t need to put it in your car.

m. Parking is open all day

3. Parking is monitored by license plate number during the day, so be sure you’ve paid using this process before you exit the garage in order to avoid the $55.00 ticket.

Please print a copy of these instructions to take with you. Open and Print below...

UVA Parking Instructions