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The Forgotten (2008)


  We only acknowledge people and events related to us and that are of our own interest. The society of the world is either formed from people that we find of our interest and become celebrated as heroes or antiheroes of our age and even of the ages long after that. Then of those whom we find of our interest as we have a connection to them in form of an relationship, partnership or friendship. Most people have at least someone how finds them of their interest in there presents but not everyone has someone who would find them relevant one who would morn their loss. After their dead these people seem to have never existed. Even people who have connection to others will eventually disappear in time. The fear of dying alone and unknown is within all of us. We either admit it or not as some choose to suppress it.    

The installation “The Forgotten” is a monument to those who die unknown. I cast light on the area of the dead but still keeping the bodies in the shadows to bring intension to those who die in the shadows. The piece begins as a pile of stone. Then during of the time of the installation exhibit they are stacked and transformed into bodies. At the end of the installation they transforms back in to a pile of stone. The exhibit period symbolizes the time that is dedicated to our life spanned and the journey of the pile of stone to the circle of life.

 Tyvek Hammocks (2008)

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