About me

Vaclav Andrew Sipla ... aka The Human Swiss Army Knife!

Vaclav started his professional art career as a stone sculptor, also working in masonry and restoration, while studying at SSUPS-Zamecek in Pilsner. Vaclav then moved to the US to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Entrepreneur Leadership from the School of Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA), in partnership with Tufts University, where his areas of concentration included sculpture, installation, drawing, jewelry, business and engineering. His artistic focus is on quality and economical aesthetics, and uses classical materials in alternative ways to encourage new perceptions to such mediums. He also translates this play with materials into his jewelry works, which are wearable and traditional in that sense, but each considered a conceptual sculpture. His sculpture work is elemental in design and appearance, but bears technical build challenges that employ his vast knowledge of construction.
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