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Who can hold out longer, Gabe Newell or me?

Over the past three days I have begun a new phase in contacting Valve about my account ban. I have wasted enough time trying to contact them through their "help" services. As I stated in the last two sections, I have begun to call Valve.

For anyone interested, the phone number for the Valve corporate office is, (425) 889-9642. There is no actual person you can talk to through this, and most of the options just tell you that they don't offer phone support.

The automated machine they have set up was recorded by the voice of Dr. Isaac Kleiner from Half-Life 2 though, which is pretty cool. If you press option six (6) it will take you to a directory by name. All you have to do is type in the person's last name. So, I typed "Newell" on my keypad and low and behold it connected me through. (Just in case anyone would like to get a hold of him).

Today I left my third message for him. He doesn't ever seem to answer his phone. Or, maybe after my first message he started screening his calls better. Either way, I've let him know that I will be calling back every day until I can get in touch.

I told him I was not able to get a hold of anyone about my VAC problem. My help tickets had been ignored and there was no phone support. I also told him again that I would be calling back later until I could get in touch with someone.

I thought this would probably go on for a while, but something finally happened...

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