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Valve gives some helpful hints on how to deal with being banned by the "perfect" system

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IX. BBB part 2

So I am left searching around the internet to find out if there is anything I can do. After all, Valve has already told me this was permanent. I would accept defeat, except that I didn't cheat and didn't break any rules in their user agreement.

So I find myself next at the steam user forums where there happens to be a handy VAC section. I realize that posting how unfair life is on the forums won't help at all, and my eye soon catches a thread at the top entitled, "Sticky: Read This If You Have Been Banned." Seeing as I fit the demographic I made my way in. The thread starts off with the same mumbo jumbo about how it sucks for you, but it's your fault for cheating or sharing your account.

A little further it begins to give advice. Keep in mind that this thread is stickied on the official steam forums telling people who have been banned to read it for info. I would take that as pretty official.

So what is their great advice? Well they suggest that I, "purchase a new copy of the game, [and] make sure you delete all previous versions of Valve's software prior to doing the install."

Woah, wait... What? I guess I can understand buying the game again. Oh wait, NO I CAN'T! But that's only the beginning. I have to delete my entire account or else anything new I "assign to that account will be banned as well." How nice of them to not only punish me now for what I didn't do, but to punish me in the future as well.

I decided I would submit a trouble ticket to the steam support site. That is where things got even more ridiculous.

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