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And what did we all learn in school? If you ignore it, it goes away and becomes someone else's problem 

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IX. BBB part 2

So it looked like it was going to take a second round to get an original response out of someone. It sure is a good thing I'm a student with some extra time this summer to fight for what I bought. Go Gauchos!

So I sent them a not quite as nice message in reply. I could tell pleading wasn't going to get very far, so I tried to help them see their mistake.

  • I appreciate you at least taking my email, but I would like you to do more than just copy and paste your default response about VAC bans.

    I will attach a log made by "HiJack This" which lists every process of my computer. While I know it cannot prove I was not cheating, it may allow you to see if there is a program that could cause a positive false positive.

    I have programs like "Tsearch" on my computer which is a memory hacking tool. I have never used it for any valve or steam application or game. There are valid uses for that program and I have always limited it's use to those programs.

    Please read this and my last email which I know was not completely read and check against the reason I was banned. I know for a fact that I did not cheat and I know for a fact that no one else has access to my steam account.

    Thank you,

Apparently they didn't want to admit that one of these other programs I use could have wrongly caused the ban. I sent that message on August 3rd and received no reply.

Running out of ideas I decided to try calling them. It's unfortunate that they don't actually have an operator or any sort of people to take calls there. So, my only other choice was to try and get a hold of Valve's co-founder

It was late at night so I left him a message letting him know that my account had been wrongly banned. I then proceeded to tell him that I would keep calling until I could get the matter resolved or get my money back. I also gave him the number to my online help ticket in case he needed more information.

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