Valve, Steam, and VAC

Valve claims a "perfect" anti-cheat system. Is that even possible? 

Update: 1/13/09 - Valve refunds Alex's money after he is banned. Check out "Other Valve Stories" for more info. This means there is hope for some of you out there.

Status: Not Resolved - Valve refused to work with BBB and the complaint was closed and labeled "Unresolved." Valve has an "unsatisfactory record with the BBB."

Time Since First Contact:

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At this point I would like to encourage everyone that has been wrongly banned by Valve/Steam to submit a complaint through the Better Business Bureau. Do not do it if you actually cheated and were caught, that only hurts the rest of us. If it was a mistake, then please submit a complaint to the BBB againts Valve. It is very easy to do, and it will show up on record if they have ignored or not resolved a lot of complaints.

When asked what company the complaint is against, either search for Steam or enter in their number "425 889-9642" and they will show up. They are listed under the name steam instead of valve for some strange reason.

I am currently in an exchange with Valve (creators of the steam application and the acclaimed Half-Life series) over the recent VAC ban on my account.

They have accused me of cheating in their servers and, as a result, I have been "Banned from some secure servers because of a cheating infraction."

What exactly does this mean? I am no longer allowed to play any valve game or 3rd party game in an online secure server. Non secure servers (The ones I can now only play in) only make up approximately 1.4% of all servers.1 Yes, I know they only said "some secure servers," but they lied. It's all of them.

Before you go accusing me of being a cheater who is just sore he lost his money, give me a chance to explain. Had I actually cheated I would not be perusing this matter. A big reason I never cheated was because I would never risk losing my account and all the money involved in that.

The other reason many people are banned is because they share their accounts and then someone that they let use it (Or don't realize was using it) cheats and gets the account banned.

Why do I feel so confident that this didn't happen to me? Well, I have never loaned my account to anyone, and have only ever logged into my account at my home. No one has had access to it, and none of my friends have used it. I was not banned because someone else was using my account to hack.

I encourage you to read up about my ongoing story and either email me some advice/ thoughts, or discuss it on whatever half-life or gaming forums you frequent. If you do talk about it on some forums, I would love to read up about it so please send me a link.